Saturday, April 15, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 15

Week 15 - weekly update includes Easter preparations!

Saturday April 15th

Coloring eggs!
Thankful for the holiday traditions!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 14

Week 14 - weekly update includes the school talent show!

Thursday April 6th

Evan preforms Lemonade Stand for the school talent show!


Saturday, April 1, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 13

March 26 to April 1st

This week was a blur.  I had board meetings, baseball meetings and helped with the Book Fair and Ice Cream Social at the school and realized I didn't take one single picture!  I knew moving to a weekly posting system was going to be a necessity with how busy life has become for all of us!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 12

Week 12 - weekly update includes another busy week for me, but their was a couple of concerts for David at the Capital Center for the Arts and we got to visit the CSD Student Art Show at the mall!

Tuesday March 21

March is when we celebrate the Arts in our school district.  Tonight David preformed with the entire 5th grade, it was a district wide performance and each grade preformed up to the high school.  It was cool to see the progression of talent from each level.

Ready for the big band concert!

Love these two Band Geeks!

Saturday March 25th

More celebration of the Arts, student artwork gets put on display at the local mall and David and Shaun both had pieces in the show this year!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 11

Week 11 - weekly update includes a our annual St. Patrick's Day feast, a blizzard and show week for the schools production of Willy Wonka, Jr.  It was quite the busy week!

Sunday March 12th

Because St. Patrick's Day was during the boys show, we opted to celebrate today.  It was lots of fun, the corned beef and cabbage dinner was delicious and we love getting decked out in our St. Patrick's Day Gear.

A cake for the late February and March birthdays!

Monday March 13th

With news of the major snow storm that was coming our way on Tuesday, the directors of the show decided to do a full sound and costume rehearsal.  If school is cancelled, they would miss a very important show week rehearsal.  

Shaun's first microphone!

Practicing with sound, costumes and props

Tuesday March 14th

The weather forecast was correct, we got slammed with some snow!  No school and by the afternoon, the visibility was very poor.

Wednesday March 15th 

Willy Wonka dress rehearsal!  I could only stay for a short time since I had a school board meeting, but the kids looked and sounded great!

Thursday March 16th

Opening Night!

The Wall of Fame
Mike Teavee
Each character was assigned a group of Oompa Loompas and they were given a color.  Shaun was assigned to be part of Violet's scenes and so he was blue!

Blue Oompa Loompa

Friday March 17th

The boys had lots of family in the audience for their show tonight!  The boys appreciated all the support!

Grammy and the boys!

These 3 did such a great job in their first KIA show!

Saturday March 18th

Closing the show is always the hardest part!  This was quite the production, more moving parts than the previous shows we've been involved with.  The kids impressed me so much!

Proud Momma & baby brother!

Shaun and Delaney!

These guys were in it since the beginning!  Can't believe it was their last show!

More family in the audience for the closing!

Auntie Kristin with the boys!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 10

Week 10 - weekly update includes a birthday celebration, lots of Wonka rehearsals and previews, and a farewell gathering for some friends who are moving.

Sunday March 5th

Happy Birthday to Nicholas!  When you're birthday is in winter, there is always a decent chance that Mother Nature is going to "snow" on your parade!  It might have been over a month later, but we still had lots of fun celebrating!

Monday March 6th 

David's school was signed up to do a presentation for the school board, I was excited to get a preview of his costume and one of the songs from the show.
Mike Teavee

Wednesday March 8th

The kids preformed their final curtain call at the All School Meeting.

Thursday March 9th 

I was photographing the rehearsal for the online gallery!  It was fun to get another sneak peak.  These kids are amazing and I cannot wait to see the whole thing put together next week!

Saturday March 11th 

Our favorite MBS and BGS Military family was reassigned to MA, so today we had a get together to say goodbye!  They will be missed!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 9

Week 9 - weekly update includes our mini ski vacation to Jay Peak!

Sunday February 26

We hit the road at 8am on the dot and headed north.  We checked-in and got all our gear on and hit the slopes while we waited for our room to be ready.  It was pretty windy so the Tram and the high speed quad were closed.  But the trails we could ski had a lot of great powder.

Monday February 27

Bright and early to the slopes again, the high speed quad was still closed, but the Tram was running!  We made it to the summit.

Charlie trying to whitewash David!

Tuesday February 28

This was our best day, not too cold, no wind (so all the lifts were open) and the conditions in the morning were perfect!  The boys wanted me to try the woods with them and I reluctantly went along.  It wasn't my favorite trail of the day, but it was fun to be with the boys as much as I could.

Wednesday March 1

On our last day at Jay, it was raining with no real signs of stopping before we would want to hit the road, so we skipped skiing all together and let the boys finish their trip in the indoor water park.