Saturday, June 3, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 22

Week 22 - weekly update includes the annual Memorial Day Cookout in MA, a trip to the ER, some fun school projects & events, a trip to the theater and more baseball!

Sunday May 28th

The traditional line 'em up picture!
Oldest to Youngest!

Monday May 29th

Still whining about his sore wrist, we decided to be safe than sorry and had it checked out.  It was just a bad sprain.  

Wednesday May 31st 

Evan's teacher does a until on camping at the end of the year and they turn the whole classroom into a campsite for a week!

Classroom camp out!

How Teddy Survives! - Ecosystem project

I don't think he'll complain about the heath bar again!!

Happy Birthday!
Thursday June 1st

Spring Fling at Evan's school!  He was helping the staff run the obstacle course.

Friday June 2nd

The annual BGS Walk-A-Thon!  The entire school meets outside in the morning and sends off the first two classes with cheering and music from the school band!

School Band starting off the Walk-A-Thon!

Kona Ice treat after the walk!

Mamma Mia at the Boston Opera House with my Mom!

Saturday June 3rd

Baseball before we head to VT for Charlie's race!
Evan gets some instructions from Coach!
Shaun gets himself another hit!
David continues to make contact, although this one was caught in the field.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 21

Week 21- weekly update includes breakfast out with the middle and little, last elementary concert for the big, and more baseball (of course!).

Sunday May 21st

David was off to a birthday party for a friend so I took the little and middle out for breakfast at our favorite spot and of course they wanted to wear their team hats!

Breakfast shenanigans!

Tucker's hats at Tuckers!

Monday May 22nd

David had his last elementary school concert!  Since he was the only cello player in the entire 5th grade he was featured as a soloist!

Cello Solo

Sweet Dance moves!

David with his music teacher (Chorus 1 & 2 - Orchestra and Band 4 &5)!

David's chorus teacher since 3rd grade!

Friday May 25th

What's a little baseball in the pouring rain!  David scored on a bases loaded walk, that was 1 of 2 runs he scored that night!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 20

Week 20 - weekly update includes the annual Mother's Day Brunch, BGS All School Meeting, Evan's well check and a baseball game!

Sunday May 14th

We had our annual brunch today and I'm a very lucky mom to call these three boys mine!

The yellow one was David's and now I can add Shaun's to my collection!  Looking forward to getting my 3rd one in a couple years!

Thursday May 18th

On Thursday morning, the 3rd grade hosted the all school meeting and Shaun played My Country, 'Tis of Thee on the recorder.

Black Belt Recorder Player
That afternoon, I picked up my SEVEN year old for his well check appointment!  He's growing like a weed!

Friday May 19th

In one of the few nice days we've had so far this Spring, I took the boys to watch the high school kids play baseball!  It was fun for them to see the big kids play and who knows maybe someday they'll play on that team!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 19

Week 19 - weekly update includes birthday breakfast (FINALLY!), baseball and the high school musical!

Sunday May 7th

We finally had time to celebrate this nugget turning SEVEN!  What better way to celebrate than with a delicious waffle with strawberries whipped cream from Tucker's!

Thursday May 11th

Line drive single, safe at first and a high five from the first base coach!

Saturday May 13th 

Busy day today with baseball games and tickets to see the high schools production of Into the Woods!

Another long single for David!

Evan playing 3rd base!

Ready for the show to start!  

Sunday, May 7, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 18

Week 18 - weekly update includes the annual Polar Plunge, Evan turning SEVEN and some baseball and musical performances!

Sunday April 30th

Our annual Polar Plunge cookout.  Water temperature was 65 degrees.  The water was warmer than the air that day!

Celebrating Evan's Birthday while we had some friends over for our plunge!

Monday May 1st

Evan is SEVEN!  My friend made him a very special cake for him to share with his class!

Saturday May 6th

Today was supposed to be our Baseball league family fun day, but Mother Nature had other plans and flooded our fields the night before with a massive rain storm.  It continued into the morning, so the call to postpone the parade of players was a good one.

That meant though, the boys were able to participate in their music school Preform-A-Thon mini concert with their singing group the Purple Finches.  Evan debuted his first solo!

With a lot of work from our league President and VP's, Shaun and Evan manged to squeeze in their very first game of the season (after being rained out their first two games).  Just as they were shaking hands the skies opened up and flooded the fields again.  

Shaun's first hit!
The AAA games were cancelled after the afternoon rain, but it gave time for them to dry so the Majors could play.  David had a great game, with a base hit and some good base running to get to third on steals.  His team won in extra innings 4 to 3.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 17

Week 17 - weekly update includes April vacation fun and our trip to NYC!

Tuesday April 25

Today I took the boys to the studio to take their spring portraits!

Wednesday April 26th

We headed to NYC for a few days.  Once we checked into the hotel we decided to walk down to Central Park and walk around before eating dinner at Todd English Food Hall.
The boys in Central Park

Omi & Grammy take on Central Park
Todd English Food Hall - a little something for everyone!

Thursday April 27th

We had dinner reservations at 5pm and the show didn't start until 7pm so we decided to spend the morning at the Museum of Natural History!  After the museum we had some downtime at the hotel and then headed to dinner at Carmine's.  It was delicious, but you have to be willing to share something with the table.  We ordered Chicken and Eggplant Parm and spaghetti with sausage.  There were so many other dishes I would have tried at this place.  Maybe next time I need to go with a bigger group!

The boys learning about animal evolution
Fun at the museum!

While killing some time before dinner we stopped in at the M&M store and ran into the Blue M&M!
Dinner at Carmine's did not disappoint!

We are ready for the show!
Friday April 28th

We did not have to check out of the hotel until 1pm so we headed our early and went to the Empire State Building.  We had wanted to do the Statue of Liberty, but I didn't plan that out in advance so the Empire State Building, with a view of the Statue of Liberty would have to do!

On the 86th floor!
The 102nd floor observation deck!
All the way to the top!
Shake Shack, the Grandmother's favorite meal of the trip!
Naughty children!

Saturday April 29th 

Back from NYC, and in full Wonka form, Shaun went to a local candy shop to celebrate his friends birthday and make candy!
Shaun's candy creations!
Friends since preschool!