Sunday, January 15, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 2

Week 2 - wrap up includes a day of skiing at Ragged Mountain, weekly ski club at Pats Peak, basketball games and of course the PATS!

Sunday January 8th:

On Sunday we decided to take advantage of not having any plans and not having any football games to watch, and ski.  We chose Ragged Mountain as it was close by but not a mountain we have all skied at before.  It was a frigid 10 degrees outside, but thankfully not too windy.

Ready to hit the slopes!
At the summit
The views!
Ran into more friends!
Ready to call it a day and warm up by the fire!

Thursday January 12th: 

We had our weekly ski club, this week due to a conflict of one of the chaperones, they needed Charlie to ski with David's group and so I was asked to take his group (which included Evan and Shaun).  While they were all in lessons, we took a couple runs together since it was my first time skiing at Pat's Peak.  The conditions were not awesome and it was raining during some of our free ski time, but we managed! Hopefully we can get some snow!

Riding the chair selfie!
At the summit!

Saturday January 14th:

Basketball games in the morning and then I took the boys to see the high school production of Godspell.  The show was really well done and the boys were excited to sit in the front row and get sparkle bombed at the end of the first act.  The night was made complete by a Patriots playoff win!

Shaun's first basketball game!
Evan is enjoying the basketball clinics with the big kids!
Working on his skills!
Getting ready to see the show.
And not Patriots playoff game would be complete without our annual family picture!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 1

The 52 Week Project weekly recap includes my first school board meeting, a no school day, first week of ski club for the boys, play practice and first basketball session for the littlest.

Tuesday January 3rd

Today was my first school board meeting and it was such a cool feeling to walk in and see my nameplate.  It was an uneventful first meeting, but I'm looking forward to the budget sessions and fighting for Full Day Kindergarten for our school district!

I have a nameplate!

Wednesday January 4th

Today the two oldest kids got the day off.  A water main valve was found to be leaking and needed to be replaced.  It required the water to the building to be shut off during the repair, which means that they could not be in the building.  It was hard to tell Evan that he had to go to school while his older brothers got to stay home.  David made him a special breakfast though, which made him feel a little better.  The boys enjoyed a special impromptu lunch out at Panera and made the most of their day off by using some of their STEM toys.

Lunch at Panera!

Lego Education!

Electricity and Magnetism

Rare teamwork!

Thursday January 5th

Today was the first session of Ski Club!  The boys had a blast and Evan jump 2 levels from where he left off last year.  He is officially ahead of me!

My little skier!

Saturday January 7th

Today was Evan's first basketball session of the season.  They had brought in the high school boys basketball team coach and varsity players to help and it was so fun!  The coach was engaging and the little kids loved getting some one on one time with the "big" kids!  Later that day we headed home and took down most of our Christmas decorations and did some cleaning.  It was the perfect day to do all of this with the snow storm.  Even though the accumulation did not amount to much, it was a very steady snow all afternoon into the evening.  It prompted the boys to play outside even though it was pretty cold.  The older two decided to put their skis on and try them out on our small sledding hill.

Backyard Skiing!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: New Year - New Project

For the last 5 years I have been posting a photo a day, a blog journal of our daily lives.  I started out as a way to work on and improve my photography skills but became more of an online journal; a day in the life of my family!  It's been a lot of fun and my photography skills have definitely improved since that very first post back in 2012, but it's a lot of work!  Over the last couple of months, I found myself struggling to find something to photograph just so I could have a picture to post.  It defeats the purpose of the project and it was taking the fun out of it.  So this year I am trying something new called 52 Week Project.  It will be a weekly post that will contain moments from our week.  It's something that I hope will serve the same purpose of the "day in the life" photo journaling that I loved, but without all the same level of time commitment.  I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2016

365 ~ 2016: Day 365

When the sledding in the back of your neighborhood is an old ski slope and requires helmets...